Saving Facebook Posts (Yes, You Want to Do This)


You can easily save and review posts from your News Feed, your Timeline, and even posts from your Friend’s Timeline.  Once you’ve saved a bunch of posts, you may feel the need to organize these nuggets.  So not only can you save items, you can group items you’ve saved into what Facebook calls a Collection.  If you are familiar with Pinterest, it is a bit similar.

You may already be spending more time than you’d like on Facebook, and the thought of saving posts seems like you’ll be spending additional time there. Yet the ability to easily save and retrieve an item you find in your News Feed, is quite handy –  when you don’t have time to read an article, print a recipe, or want to save a link, picture, or sentiment for future retrieval.   It’s really free cloud storage of your favorite web links, again, not unlike Pinterest.

So, if you just love those kitty videos, save one, add it to a new collection you name, and subsequently the next kitty video can be easily saved to this collection.  Or maybe it’s an article on nutrition, or smart home tech, or exercise, or birthday wishes, or the latest video of your grandson.  You get the idea.

Web and mobile work similarly.  To save an item, click on the three dots at the top right of the post, and then Save.  You’ll get a pop up that the item has been saved. If you want, you can add it to a New Collection, or tap on an existing one.  If you choose to create a collection, you’ll be able to enter a name, then click Create.  You’ll get a notice that your saved item has been added to that collection.  If you don’t add it to a collection, it will just hang out as an individual item which you can later add to a collection should you wish.

To view your saved items, choose Saved from your Menu list (mobile), or News Feed left column (web). You can tap on the 3 dots next to the item to find options to share it, unsave it, add to a collection etc.

Now that you know this trick, don’t forget (as I do) to periodically visit your saved items that you’ve forgotten about!

I would love your comments…are you already using this Facebook feature or if you are just trying this out, what do you think?

Interest in Pinterest?


I have resisted and resisted and resisted Pinterest.  I have proclaimed proudly that I will not pin, I have no need, I will resist any interest in Pinterest.  After all, I am already addicted to Facebook, do I really have time for another social media site?

Oh in case you haven’t had the pleasure of exploring or being confused by Pinterest yet, in a nutshell it allows you to create bulletin boards and pin images from the Internet on these boards.  Once the image is on a board you can click on the image to retrieve the original web page.  You can also share your boards with others and see other people’s boards.  There are countless YouTube videos explaining how to use it, so I needn’t digress into a tutorial here.

Sadly(?) I must admit I have lost my battle against using Pinterest, and I am starting to understand and dare I say it, yes I see its value as a great tool in our online world.  I am also desperately hoping that I am not developing an addiction to it!

I first knew I should take a serious look at Pinterest when I saw its logo alongside that of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on store websites.  I thought what is this all about?  Yet it makes perfect sense for a business to post images of products.  And it is great advertising if a potential customer pins an item from a business to their own board for contemplation and for their friends to see.

I have my own little system for saving web pages.  Aside from bookmarking, or saving in Favorites, I sometimes cut and paste a URL and save it in an email that I keep in draft status or send to myself.  Or I save the page to my desktop.  However, this is not that efficient, especially when you are dealing with a wedding for instance where there are dresses, and flowers, and shoes, and hairstyles, and colors, and all sorts of items that you may want opinions on, or wish to visualize all together.

Pinterest has come in very handy in the planning of my daughter’s wedding.  Once I started posting pictures of wedding flowers, it was hard to stop.  Then I knew I was hooked on Pinterest when in my Facebook News Feed I received a link to my niece’s Pinterest board to look at dresses my niece is considering for her daughter, my great niece.   Of course I had to check out the board and render my opinion.  Women can appreciate this, a visual online filing system (and no clutter around the house to clean up).

But how about the guy who wants some power tools or mountain bike equipment for his birthday –  he can pin a whole bunch of gift images on a birthday board and share it with potential gift givers.  What about privacy concerns you say?  Did you forget this is social media?

I finally get it, as I finally have a use for Pinterest.  And now that I am using it I can find more reasons to. Just in case you want to learn more about Pinterest or pick up some tricks and tips check out this CNET YouTube video.

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