Saving Facebook Posts (Yes, You Want to Do This)


You can easily save and review posts from your News Feed, your Timeline, and even posts from your Friend’s Timeline.  Once you’ve saved a bunch of posts, you may feel the need to organize these nuggets.  So not only can you save items, you can group items you’ve saved into what Facebook calls a Collection.  If you are familiar with Pinterest, it is a bit similar.

You may already be spending more time than you’d like on Facebook, and the thought of saving posts seems like you’ll be spending additional time there. Yet the ability to easily save and retrieve an item you find in your News Feed, is quite handy –  when you don’t have time to read an article, print a recipe, or want to save a link, picture, or sentiment for future retrieval.   It’s really free cloud storage of your favorite web links, again, not unlike Pinterest.

So, if you just love those kitty videos, save one, add it to a new collection you name, and subsequently the next kitty video can be easily saved to this collection.  Or maybe it’s an article on nutrition, or smart home tech, or exercise, or birthday wishes, or the latest video of your grandson.  You get the idea.

Web and mobile work similarly.  To save an item, click on the three dots at the top right of the post, and then Save.  You’ll get a pop up that the item has been saved. If you want, you can add it to a New Collection, or tap on an existing one.  If you choose to create a collection, you’ll be able to enter a name, then click Create.  You’ll get a notice that your saved item has been added to that collection.  If you don’t add it to a collection, it will just hang out as an individual item which you can later add to a collection should you wish.

To view your saved items, choose Saved from your Menu list (mobile), or News Feed left column (web). You can tap on the 3 dots next to the item to find options to share it, unsave it, add to a collection etc.

Now that you know this trick, don’t forget (as I do) to periodically visit your saved items that you’ve forgotten about!

I would love your comments…are you already using this Facebook feature or if you are just trying this out, what do you think?

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