10 Habits of a Baby Boomer Changed by Technology

The holiday season is upon us, electronic and technology gifts abound.  Even if you have an idea of what you want to buy, the number of choices can be overwhelming.  I thought it would be simple to find quality speakers to listen to the music on my iPhone, yet it has become a project for me.  (Yes the CD collection is now starting to gather dust like the LP collection.)

Feeling sentimental about my lonely CD collection, I realized how many of my daily habits have changed in the past few years due to new technology and gadgetry.  The end of the year is always a time of reflection, and since habits are hard to change, I thought it was worth documenting.  Here is my list – so far.

1.  My watch has become an ornament, a piece of  jewelry that I wear on my wrist.   I use it quite infrequently to tell time.  Instead I find myself relying on my cell phone, PC, cable box, and microwave.  My 26-year-old daughter would never let me buy her a watch – she told me she would never use it.  I now agree with her on this one!

2.  I no longer use my clock radio to awaken me.  I use the alarm on my phone to wake me up.  I picked up this habit on vacation and it has stuck with me.  I will never oversleep due to a power outage as long as my phone is charged.

3.  I keep an online calendar.  It is very handy, especially since I can view it on my smart phone, and set alerts to remind me of appointments.  However I still keep a desk and a wall calendar!  So now I update my desk calendar, wall calendar and online calendar for my appointments.  Yes this is redundant and neurotic (am I the only one who does this?).   Yes, I could print out the online calendar and save myself some trouble, but I like keeping the written calendars.  Perhaps this will go the way of my watch in a few years.

4.  I rarely watch live TV to view my favorite shows, they are always recorded.  This way I don’t miss any shows,  I can view them at any time,  and bypass commercials.  I may record shows I watch live as it is helpful should I fall asleep, I can replay the parts I’ve missed.

5.  There is no newspaper in my house – I rely on online sites.  This also cuts down on the amount of paper I need to recycle.

6.  Going out to the movies always starts online with moviephone.com or fandango.com to find a movie, read reviews, and find theaters and times.  While I am there I order the movie tickets online if I think the show might sellout.

7.   I’ve been an online shopper for years now, and find I am going online to research prices, even for store purchases.  Often the online prices are better especially when there is free shipping.  I may go to a store to touch and feel an item, then go home and order it online if it is cheaper and I don’t mind waiting for it.

8.  At the risk of sounding nerdy (not that there is anything wrong with that) I will admit I keep spreadsheets for my grocery list and vacation packing, rather than constantly making new lists.  I have been doing this for years now, and I rarely miss or forget items, as my lists have been revised and improved upon over time.

 9.  I rely on my car’s navigation system when traveling, rather than printing maps and directions.  I did print directions as a backup in the past, but I don’t bother anymore.  I do still check directions online first if I have the time.  I also use tripadvisor.com to do all my travel research, rather than read travel guide books.

10.  This last one is not a habit of mine, but I do know more than one person who takes their iPad on bathroom visits rather than a magazine, book, or newspaper.  I will admit I am guilty of keeping my iPhone with me at all times.

I am sure this list will continue to grow.  I can’t add listening to my iTunes library as replacing my CDs yet.  Perhaps once I decide on speakers for my iPhone that may change. 

How has technology and gadgetry changed your habits?     What can you add to this list?

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