10 Handy Internet Explorer Browsing Tips

Is the text on your favorite website a bit small?    How many of these shortcuts do you know?  Try them the next time you’re on the Internet (using Internet Explorer) to save time and make your Internet life a bit easier.

1.   Make Internet text larger:  CTRL and + at the same time.

      Make Internet text smaller:  CTRL and – at the same time.

2View your Internet browsing History – CTRL and H at the same time.

3.   Add a website to your Favorites – Right click on any web page, then select Add to favorites. CTRL and D at the same time also works.

4.   View your Internet Favorites – CTRL and I at the same time.

5.   Add a website to your desktop – Right click on any web page, then select Create shortcut. You can then easily access this page by clicking on the shortcut that will be added to your desktop. (Right click on the shortcut and click delete to remove it from your desktop).

 6.   Use your Backspace key on your keyboard instead of the back arrow to view your previous page.

 7.    Quickly jump to your address bar by clicking F6.

 8.    Reopen a closed Internet tab – If you mistakenly closed a tab, click on CTRL, SHIFT, and T at the same time to get it back.

 9.   Missing IE Menu Bar – have you lost it?   That is the Internet Explorer menu bar that includes File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Help. Click ALT to bring it back (click View, Toolbars, then click on Menu Bar to keep it visible)

10.  Open a new Internet tab – CTRL and T at the same time.

Do you have any others you’d like to share?

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