5 Facebook Privacy Settings You May Have Missed

Missed Facebook Privacy Settings

When I coach people on how to use Facebook I emphasize that although Facebook encourages you to share, you are ultimately in control of how you share your data. Yes there is data Facebook considers public – your name, profile picture, gender, cover photo, networks, and username.

All else on Facebook you control, that is if you can find how to set your privacy options!  Facebook recently added a Privacy Shortcuts link to its top blue menu bar (desktop)  to help you access your Privacy Settings.  You can click on See More Settings from Privacy Shortcuts to see additional Privacy and Account settings.

However some Facebook Privacy Settings are not as obvious or easy to find.  Here are 5 that you may have missed and how to navigate them from your desktop (mobile experience will vary):

1.  Set privacy for your Friends List –  do you want others to be able to view your Friends List?  Click on Friends from your Timeline, then look for the pencil at the top right of the list.  When you click on this pencil you can edit your privacy settings for your Friends List as well as those you Follow. (Note you automatically Follow your Friends.  You can also Follow others without becoming their Friend if they have enabled this feature.)

2.  Opt out of appearing in Facebook Ads–  Do you want your name and/or profile picture to appear in a Facebook or Third party ad? There are two settings to take a look at, which give permission to pair your social actions (a Like of a business for example) with an ad.  One is a Facebook ad, the other is an ad on another website (however this is not a current feature). Click on Privacy Shortcuts, See More Settings, then Ads.  Choose Edit in two places – for Third Party Sites, also Ads and Friends, so you can select the No One option to opt out.  Don’t forget to Save Changes.

3.  Opt out of receiving Facebook Ads based upon  your web browsing activity outside of Facebook.  Do you want to see ads on Facebook based upon your online browsing/shopping?  Perhaps handy, perhaps creepy.  Click on Privacy Shortcuts, See More Settings, then Ads.  There is an Opt Out option within Website and Mobile App Custom Audiences.  If you do choose to Opt Out, note that if you at a later time clear your browser cookies, you will have to opt out again.

4.  Restricted List – add a “friend “ to your Restricted list.  If you do, they will only see items you post publicly.  Handy if you confirm a friend request for someone you are uncomfortable sharing with.  They will not know you have restricted them. Click on Privacy Shortcuts, See More Settings, then Blocking, then Edit next to Restricted List.  Alternatively click on Friends on the Cover Photo of the Timeline of your friend, Add to Another List (if Restricted is not shown), and click on Restricted.

5.  Share Options for Your Personal Data: Do you know whom you are sharing your personal data with?  Click on Update Info from the bottom of your Cover Photo.  Each item of information has an icon which depicts your share option.  If you don’t see one, click on the Edit pop up when you hover over the item.  Click on the icon to see/set your sharing preference.  Again, don’t forget to Save Changes.  You may be surprised at what info you are sharing publicly.

Hope this post helps you take fuller control of your Facebook sharing.  Periodically check the Settings pages, as Facebook does at times change wording and setting options.  Happy sharing (or not)!


A Little More Privacy – Take Control of Facebook Tagging

We seem to enjoy posting pictures and videos on Facebook and then tagging them with the names of one or more of our Facebook friends.    Once you are tagged in a Facebook video or photo, that video or photo will be displayed on your Timeline (Profile) and end up in a Photos and Videos of You section in your Photos folder.

Perhaps you went to a party Saturday night, and you wake up Sunday morning to find there are pictures of you already posted on your Timeline.   Perhaps these pictures show you really enjoying this party, and you’d really rather these photos remain private.   Additionally, in an effort to bring your attention to a photo or video, you may even be tagged in a photo or video in which you are not even present!

An easy solution to avoid these situations is to enable Timeline Review in your Profile Settings.  Click on Privacy Settings, then Edit Settings on How Tags Work.  You want to enable Timeline Review.  Once you do the setting will indicate On.  If the setting indicates Off, click on it and then click on Enable.

Now that you’ve enabled Timeline Review, you’ll receive a Facebook notification when you’ve been tagged in a photo or video, as you did before, however the photo will not be posted to your Timeline or your Photos folder.  You can now click on your Activity Log (new Facebook Timeline feature) to review the items in which you are tagged.  Posts and Info to Review will be at the top of the Log.  In the right column there is a check mark to approve or an X to ignore the item.  If you approve the item it will be displayed on your Timeline.  If you ignore the item it will remain in your Activity Log, but will be hidden from your Timeline.

If you are not on Timeline yet,  there will be a Needs Review folder in the left column on your Wall.  Once you click on that folder  the items for review work the same as described above.

How can you remove the tag altogether?  To remove your name from a photo in which you are tagged, you must click on the arrow next to the round tool gear at the top right corner of the photo.  There will be a choice to Remove/Report the tag, which will then give you additional choices to remove the tag.

Hope this helps you feel a bit more in control of your face on Facebook!

Keeping Up with Facebook Changes

Just when you think you know how to handle Facebook, is just about the time Facebook will publish an enhancement for you to figure out.  You need not be confused as Facebook does a fair job of documenting upgrades if you know where to look. 

If you become a fan of one or more of Facebook’s business pages  (listed below) you will receive updates in your News Feed that explain new features and how to use them.

Here is a list of Facebook’s own business pages that come in handy.   You can search for them by name (bolded below) when you are on Facebook, or even browse them when you are not logged into Facebook by using their web address. Better yet become a fan of these pages (by clicking on the Like button) to receive automatic News Feed updates on the latest Facebook news and features, and yes, Facebook issues too.  If you have a question or concern about using Facebook, these pages are a good source of information.  Of course you can always contact Care Computer Coaching, Inc. too (www.facebook.com/compcoach).

Facebook and Privacywww.facebook.com/fbprivacy –  get the latest updates from Facebook on privacy topics, and watch the Facebook privacy videos on that page to learn more about privacy settings.

Facebook Securitywww.facebook.com/security – will provide you with information on protecting your information on Facebook and the Internet.

Facebook Safetywww.facebook.com/fbsafety – will provide you with information on staying safe on Facebook and the Internet.  Additionally, www.facebook.com/safety is a new page, a family resource worth checking into and exploring, as it contains tips for parents, teachers, and teens.

Facebook (www.facebook.com/facebook) is Facebook’s own business page.  Learn about new Facebook features and keep up with Facebook news.

Known Issues  www.facebook.com/knownissues –  find out about ongoing or fixed Facebook issues.  This page comes in handy when you think you are the only one having difficulty!

And if you still haven’t had enough of Facebook yet, you can check out blog.facebook.com (no www in front).  This is Facebook’s official blog.

There’s even one more for you at stories.facebook.com (again no www in front).  Here you can read about how Facebook has touched user’s lives.  You can search for stories from all over the world by theme or location.  This site is worth visiting, just to see all the different surprising locations that Facebook is used across the globe.  You can even add your own story if you like.

Do you have your own business?  Do you have a business page on Facebook?  Check out www.facebook.com/facebookpages to find useful advice on managing and promoting your business page.  If you have a Facebook business page or are thinking about creating one, Care Computer Coaching, Inc. can answer your questions or help you get started.

We hope you’ve found this information useful.

Do you have suggestions for future topics?  Please leave a comment!

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