Facebook Timeline Tips

Don’t be intimidated by Timeline it is not that scary – here are a few tips to help you get started.

The latest version of the Facebook Profile is called Timeline.  All Facebook Profiles will be converted to Timeline, there is no escape.  You can wait until Facebook converts you or go to the Introducing Timeline page (www.facebook.com/about/timeline) and choose to upgrade by clicking Get Timeline.   Facebook will allow you 7 days to preview and modify your Timeline prior to publishing it.  During this time, your Facebook Friends will see your old Profile.

Timeline is a reformatted Profile that allows you to easily go back in time to see past posts.  It has all the same elements of the old Profile with a few additional features.

There is now a predominant Cover Photo which is larger than your Profile Picture.  Adding a Cover Photo is optional, although it does make your Timeline more attractive.

Activity Log is a new Timeline feature that allows you to edit the activity entries on your Timeline (likes, comments, tags) and review pending posts (if you have enabled Timeline Review for photo tags in your Privacy Settings).

About and Update Info takes you to the same page and allows you to edit your Facebook information (similar to the former Edit Profile).  All of your former Profile information is now contained in About, it is formatted differently but you can easily modify your share options for individual items.

When you scroll down your Timeline, a box appears along the top left of the page that allows you to easily move to different time periods on your Timeline.  This Timeline display replaces the former Wall.  If you hover over an item a star and a pencil pop up in the upper right margin of the post.  The star is a toggle that allows you to resize the post.  The pencil allows you to hide the item from your Timeline, delete the item, and other options depending upon the type of post.

Click on Activity Log (just beneath your Cover Photo), to edit the activity entries on your Timeline, and approve pending posts.  Click on the small circle to the right of the item to display edit options.

You can also change share options for an activity item by clicking on the share options drop down in the right margin of the item.

For additional help with Activity Log, Facebook’s help feature does a good job explaining it – visit www.facebook.com/help/activitylog.  Also, if you type “timeline” on Facebook Help (drop down arrow next to Home) you should be able to find answers to your questions.

The good news is that your News Feed does not change when you convert to Timeline – there you are still on familiar territory!


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