The Invasion of Social Media

This entertaining video shares some amazing revelations about social media:

Social media has invaded our culture. We are bombarded by television and radio programs asking us to “like” and send comments to their Facebook pages.  Should I care about what is trending on Twitter, is this really news?  Are the best YouTube videos really news?

I once met a woman in her late 70’s who told me she did not understand anything about Facebook and couldn’t understand why she kept hearing about it.  I suggested she take a seminar or a class to learn more about Facebook.  She did not hesitate for a moment and replied, “Who has time for that? I have a life to live!  I have no time to sit in front of a computer all day.”  What a gem she is.  Social media is great but we do have to pick up our heads, shut off our electronic devices, and live!

I have to drive through town to get home.  Daily, when I’m at a stop light I am amazed and horrified as I watch people walk down the street, even cross the street without looking up from their phones.  And yes I’ve seen iPads walking through the streets of town too. I  will admit that social media is addictive.  Plenty of positive, intermittent reinforcement is available from social media – people liking and commenting on your posts or pics, friending you, following you – all of this fueling our repetitive behavior.

Yes, our friends and family are quite dispersed today.  Social media keeps us all connected.  Some fear the more we stay connected electronically the more we sacrifice real unity and community, substituting virtual relationships for face to face time.  Does social media help create and reinforce friendships or help to keep distance between us?  Probably a bit of both.

Everything needs to be in balance, including our social media and Internet time.  Hopefully we can restrain ourselves and put our smart phones away as we stroll. Perhaps if we do we might see someone we know!

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