Is Your Facebook News Feed Getting Messy?

Wow you’ve got so many friends on Facebook, you’ve added interests, and have become a Fan of many businesses, and now you are checking Facebook many times a day just to keep track of it all? 

Well, there is an easy way to manage your News Feed.   When you are on your News Feed, click on Most Recent to view your latest updates.    Most Recent is a News Feed filter.  Notice there is a drop down menu so you can filter your News Feed by various other criteria.  Whichever filter you choose will display next to Top News.  Most Recent is the default filter.  Friends Lists are very useful for filtering your  News Feed.

If you haven’t already, create Friends Lists such as Family, Work, Book Club, etc. and place your friends in one of these lists.  Then you can filter your News Feed and easily see updates from any list.  Create a Friends List by going to Account, Edit Friends, Create a List.  You enter a name for your list, select those friends and/or pages for the list, click on create, and you’ve got yourself a list!  You will now see this list name in your News Feed filter drop down menu.

Here’s another tip.  Edit options from your News Feed filter will bring up an Edit Your News Feed Settings pop up which allows you to choose to see all of your friends and pages or only those you interact with the most.  If you have been missing postings this setting could be the reason.    Edit options also shows you which friends, applications, and business pages have hidden posts, and you can enable them here if you like.  Remember you can hide an individual post or hide all postings from an individual or page by moving your mouse to the right margin of the post until the X appears.  Clicking on the X provides the hide options.

Do you have a Facebook question?  Please leave a comment if you have a question or a suggestion for a future topic!

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